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the mystery of being

Observations in the ways we exist - No.1

“Something good will come of this.

Pay attention.

There’s something inside of you that can’t be taken.

Attend to the mystery of being.”

Above, a few fragmented notes scratched down on a notebook while listening to podcasts and plowing through the laundry — words that called out while packing for a trip.

The travel itinerary was laid out like darts on a map, a course cobbled together around sale fares, who we could see along the way and areas where art, nature, food and a certain degree of discomfort could be found in the unfamiliar. Two weeks of planning for three weeks away:

Kona to Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Chicago

Chicago to Lisbon, by way of Dublin

and then the same in reverse.

I needed to reignite my heart, to reconnect with the people I love and find some calm moments of stillness with myself.


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