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revisiting the artists way

I’ve always envied people at the beach, tucked into a patch of shade with a good book and a hammock. After raising kids for 23 years, "chilling" is the ultimate decadence. Picking back up on the Artists Way, it also turns out to be the perfect artist’s date: coffee, water, hammock, book, notebook and pen — morning pages while dozing, a few beachgoers giving me the familiar envious look.

I’m learning to be less productive sometimes, which is a big ask for an A-type. I dragged my feet this morning, thinking that reorganizing the studio may be a better "artists date" as both productive and rewarding. But it's not the relaxed, playful and spontaneous moment alone I'm seeking.

It's time to slow down to get energized again. To become more discerning in how time is spent and who with. Today I got out the door with sunscreen, teeth brushed and all the favorite treats. At home, the studio was waiting, along with dishes, laundry, yard work, bookkeeping, work presentation.

But first a doze on the beach, a sway in a hammock, a look out at the ocean while batting away any second thoughts about time spent "just lying around".


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